An engineer for one of our products said as little as a tenth of an inch of dust can reduce your furnace’s efficiency by as much as 20%. That is a staggering number when you think about how little an amount of dust that is! The reason being is the blades on those blower wheels are specially designed to push a certain amount of air. Any dirt on those blades will cause the blower motor (direct drive motor which spins the wheel) to work harder, drawing more amperage (costing you more money) and pushing less air to keep the desired RPM. It also causes the heat exchanger to run hotter in your furnace which ultimately lowers the lifespan.


This is after the technician has taken the blower motor and wheel apart and cleaned it, the results are day and night. This system will now not have to try as hard to do its job and the customer will not be breathing in all that dust and dirt through their home.


One of the main reasons evaporator coils often don’t get cleaned is that the homeowner doesn’t see them. Unlike the condensing coil, which sits outside in view, the evaporator is usually hidden inside the home. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for a technician to convince customers that they need to clean their coils. That’s why it’s important to educate customers about the reduced efficiency, wasted energy, and potential indoor air quality problems that can occur with a dirty evaporator.


How important is it to change the filters regularly? Changing the air filter in your system ensures cleaner, fresher, healthier air. This is better for everyone in your home, particularly children and the elderly, and most especially for those suffering from allergies and/or asthma. Also, aside from protecting the HVAC system from unnecessary damage, cleaning out or changing a clogged air filter will also save you a significant amount on operating costs. In simplest terms, a dirty air filter uses much more energy than a new, clean air filter, which means a much higher electricity bill for you.


All of these issues can be addressed with a maintenance program. Our preventative maintenance program helps to address these issues and many others so they do not get to this state. A talented, well-trained HVAC technician can often breathe life into an older heating unit.

That same technician can also be a trusted source when it’s time to decide whether to repair or replace. Along with explaining the cost of the repair, the technician can explain about newer, more efficient technology that can offer significant savings on energy costs. For instance, older homes with baseboard heaters can now be upgraded to more efficient ductless units.

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