nexia_tstatAuthorized Heating & Air is ready to attend to all your cooling needs in Greenville, SC and the neighboring communities. We provide several air conditioner services, which are all conducted by trained and certified technicians. It is our duty to ensure each customer receives excellent workmanship along with affordable pricing.

Air Conditioner Repair Service

There are common repair problems that can affect all makes and models of AC units. These can range from minor fixes to more complex problems Whatever the issue, the pros at Authorized Heating & Air will provide a solution for you. We can fix problems with coils, the compressor, refrigerant or any other components that are malfunctioning. We are stocked with quality replacement parts and have extensive experience repairing air conditioners from all the leading manufacturers. Our repair service also comes with expert insight on how to keep issues from recurring in the future.

Air Conditioner Replacement Services

Authorized Heating & Air takes on the task of identifying when your air conditioner has had enough. These units are not made to last forever, and our skilled technicians conduct a comprehensive diagnosis that will let you know when repair is no longer an option. The replacement process comes with the removal of your old air conditioner and installment of a new one. Air conditioner replacement in Greenville, SC comes with options as we provide a wealth of choices for customers looking to replace their unit with a new one.

Air Conditioner Installation Services

The installation of a new air conditioner can be very detailed as there is a lot to account for in this endeavor. The duct system is an important part of some AC units and this is something we can also install or adjust with the installation of your new air conditioner. Our technicians will identify the space most optimal for the installation process and be sure to consider the layout of your home or business. Installation service is made easy as customers do not need to worry about any kind of

HVAC Service, Repair & Maintenance

Our team of technicians is also well-versed in HVAC repair and installation. HVAC units provide both heating and cooling to homes and businesses. This forces owners to depend on these units while repairing and maintaining them also require a certain level of expertise. If you experience HVAC issues with your cooling, Authorized Heating & Air will provide a thorough inspection and determine whether you are best suited for HVAC repair or HVAC replacement.


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