Air Conditioning Repair

Authorized Heating & Air specializes in air conditioning repair in Greenville, SC and the surrounding areas. This service includes minor repair work as well as major fixes on air conditioners as there is no problem we cannot handle. Our technicians conduct repair on air conditioners from all the leading manufacturers.

Common Issues and Preventative Maintenance

There are common problems that affect most AC units and one of those involves the refrigerant. This is not something homeowners should attempt to fix on their own. There is a careful and precise approach that is taken by our team of professionals when dealing with repairs that involve refrigerant. But not all problems may be as involved.

It is also common for an air filter to falter and that requires a simple fix. If left unattended, a bad air filter could wind up causing damage to perfectly good coils. Most people are unable to identify a bad filter, although it is easy to notice an increase in monthly energy bills as this is a sign something may be amiss with your AC unit.

Look For Warning Signs When Service Is Required

Authorized Heating & Air will take the time to explain exactly what is wrong with your AC unit as well as providing the ways in which we can fix the problem. It’s time to give us a call when you identify the any of following warning signs:

  • Unit is leaking water
  • Unit will not turn on
  • Temperature is not getting cooler
  • Switching off and on sporadically
  • Strange and odd noises

It is not uncommon for older air conditioning units to experience problems. That is why we suggest preventative maintenance that can keep major issues from affecting your air conditioner. And when repair is not an option, we also offer air conditioner installation in Greenville, SC.

Experienced and Professional Team of Technicians

Authorized Heating & Air has a vast amount of experience repairing all types of units from all different manufacturers. Our trained and certified technicians will conduct a thorough examination of your AC unit and this includes the following:

  • Central Air Conditioners
  • Ductless AC Units
  • Hybrid units
  • HVAC Systems

Many times, air conditioners operate for months at a time and that leaves a number of components vulnerable to breakdown. Compressors and coils can falter without any forewarning This may also come at an inconvenient time during the height of the summer season. When that moment occurs, contact Authorized Heating & Air and we will dispatch a technician to diagnose your AC unit.


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