Heating Services

There are several ways of heating a home and regardless of which method you choose, there will always come a time when repair is needed. The good news is that Authorized Heating & Air can handle all types of heating service, which includes repair, installation and replacement on all types of units.

Heater Installation and Repair

Many homes rely on gas heat throughout the winter months. This calls for a gas furnace or boiler to remain functional and supply heat to the home. Understanding the nuances of gas heat is something we have mastered at Authorized Heating & Air. This has allowed us to practice top-notch workmanship We will also recommend reasons why you should upgrade to a new unit. We can identify when gas heaters are operating below efficiency and even repair may not be able to change a unit producing 65 percent efficiency to a unit that produces 97 percent efficiency. This kind of expertise is what separates us from other heating services in Greensville, SC.

Furnace Service

Today’s furnaces are better than ever and a lot of that has to do with updated technology. At Authorized Heating & Air, we make it a priority to stay as updated as possible on the newest improvements to all brands of furnaces. We also understand efficiency and help our clients achieve maximum levels through our maintenance and installation services. We practice precision when it comes to removing old units, laying new electrical and gas lines, and conducting metal work. There is a lot that goes into furnace replacement and repair and our team of technicians has you covered from start to finish.

Heat Pumps

Homeowners who rely on heat pumps have different type of repair and maintenance needs. Refrigerant is an integral component used in heat pumps and a simple leak or clog can create all types of problems. This can be caused by age, wear and tear or poor installation. We employ a staff of technicians who have experience working with heat pumps from all the industry manufacturers. This helps immensely during installation. It also comes in handy when conducting repairs and suggesting replacement of an older unit.

At Authorized Heating & Air, we provide free estimates and also help every client understand why we recommend certain services. We have customer associates standing by to help you with whatever type of heating problem you are experiencing in Greenville, SC and the surrounding areas.